There are way too many places I want to go in the world, but here are the places on the web...

Randonneuring Clubs

Great Lakes Randonneurs  GLR is my home club these days and if you are anywhere in the Northern Midwest, they have some super scenic rides in Delavan, Wisconsin
Iowa Randonneurs My favorite 400k is here along with some of the nicest people around.  The rides are scenic and challenging and you will be treated to the High Trestle Trail Bridge.
Arizona Randonneurs My second home away from home.  I finished PBP and really caught my stride riding in the winter alongside my friends in Arizona.
Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs I have only ridden one of their brevets, but the people I have met from this club are awesome and who can resist riding in California?
Seattle Randonneurs Home of my first 1200k, the Cascades, and my first 1000k, the Crater Lake 1000k, my fairy godparents are from here and it is always on my list of places to ride.
San Francisco Randonneurs Impossible not to mention them.  It's me.
San Luis Obispo Randonneurs

A newer club, I cannot wait to do a ride with them.


San Diego Randonneurs

My thighs cry to think of their rides, but it is good for me


Blogs and Places of Note

Lisa's Bicycle Adventures Frequently rides with me so always fun to hear the same story from 2 points of view.  Very interesting information on traditional Chinese medicine too.
Chasing Mailboxes They don't know it, but they gave me the idea to buy the tandem in the first place
Randonneurs USA Kind of in charge here.  Where would randos be without them?
The Fix Cycle Studio Where else can I go in the winter of Minnesota and tear my legs up but not my lungs?  Larry and Sophie are pretty awesome.
Relative Strength IronK swears by them because Zac beats her up enough in the winter that she starts on the bike at 100k.  An hour in the gym is worth 20 on the bike.
The Bike Fit Guru Chris has done my fitting for 5 years which is a constant adaptation and an unending process.  He's the only one I trust with sitting me on my bike.