New Reasons to Ride

The last 2 weeks have been a blur.  IronK was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma just 8 days ago.  Tombstone 600K and the first Minnesota Brevet in Rochester are off the table for me.

I have always ridden my bike to clear my head and help my own health.  Now besides those reasons, I might have new ones.  IronK still wants me to ride the Cascades, if possible.  But we are heading into surgery next week on her glutes and on her left lung.  Radiation and chemotherapy will be following.  It's an aggressive cancer and since she is in such fabulous health otherwise, the oncologists are being super aggressive with treatment.

We are already talking that a tandem might be in the sooner future now.  Since we are both convinced that exercise is vital in the conquest of cancer, it may just be time to make a tandem the way to give us together time and exercise time without madating any specific level of work on her part.

All my other friends are also adamant that I need to stay on my bike to take care of myself as I take care of her in the coming months.  Big battle.  But the victory should be sweet!
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